All Your Advantages

Maximum Security

All files are already encrypted on your computer, so that even we cannot access them. Nevertheless, you can still share the files as easily as you would expect.

Made in Germany

All servers operated by FileTrain or its partners are located in German data centers. Therefore, all your data is solely stored in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws.

Access at Any Time

With FileTrain, you have access to all files required for your work, whenever you want and whereever you want. Confidentiality is ensured by encrypting all your files before they leave your computer.

Access from Everywhere

You are on the move, do not carry neither laptop nor smartphone but need an important document? Whereever you are - with a web browser, you can access your data from any device.

Many Users.

One Place for Your Files.

With FileTrain, you can access your files from a multitude of devices. We support Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Moreover, we provide apps for iOS and Android.

How It Works

How FileTrain Works

The FileTrain client software encrypts all files with the de-facto standard AES-256-EAX before they are transmitted. The keys for this encryption are themselves encrypted and stored in a database. Every user has their own key pair to access this database. As a result, tje FileTrain servers hold your files in securely encrypted fashion – independently from what hosting scheme you choose.

FileTrain offers client software for Windows and OS X; Linux support is planned. You can install the FileTrain server on your own hardware and operate it yourself. In that case, your server is linked to the FileTrain cloud to enable file sharing accross company boundaries.

It is also possible to use FileTrain as a service without your own server. In that case, your encrypted data is stored in the Amazon cloud. We also offer storage in german data centers which are subject to strict German data protection law.

Why is FileTrain so Secure?

Other comparable solutions are secure against access from third parties. In those cases, the data however is frequently decrypted again by the solution provider. FileTrain, however, employs technical measures which ensure that no one but our customers can access their data – not even we can.

All data transmission and storage only takes place in encrypted form.